Elijah Series


This OT study is an expository and biographical study on one of the greatest OT prophets. The series began late 2018 and extended through 2019.

We discovered that the ministry of Elijah typified the ministry of Christ in some significant respects, as well being a mold into which John the Baptist was cast (in the spirit and power of Elijah, Luke 1:17).

Great benefit may be derived from such a character analysis as this, as we observe the way in which Elijah traverses the terrain of spiritual testing and warfare. We learn from Elijah how we must repeatedly cast ourselves into the strong arms of Almighty God for sustenance, for safety, for guidance in the journey of the spiritual life.

May this series be a blessing to your soul.

Part 1. Elijah: The Instant and Formidable
Part 2.Elijah: The Constant and Dependable
Part 3. Elijah the Typical
Part 4. Elijah Ready for Confrontation
Part 5. The Odds in Baals Favour
Part 6. Baals Bad Audition
Part 7. The Blazing Entrance of The LORD
Part 8. Elijahs Crisis in the Wilderness
Part 9. Elijah’s Crisis Pilgrimage
Part 10. Wearing the Mantle and Burning the Yoke, Elisha is Called
Part 11. Enter Elijah’s Brethren PT1
Part 12. Enter Elijah’s Brethren PT2

There are at least two more recordings to complete the series which I shall try to locate but may have lost them on a corrupted disk.