Sermons 2017

Thank your for interest in hearing the Word of God expounded. May God bless your soul and enrich you in every way as you meditate upon His word.

A Dog Receives A Double Portion
A Masterclass on the Dealing with The Heart
A Resurrection Benediction
A Righteousness That Enters The Kingdom
Arise Let Us Go Hence
Be Sober Because Satan is Seeking You
Beginning the World with the Word
Behold The Love of God
Beholding The Lamb
Believing and Sanctifying Might
Christ’s Healing More Than a Leg Up
Come Let Us Reason Together
Cooking Up Confusion and Calamity
God Increasing The Gospel Seed
Last and Least is Best and Blessed
Loving God Ministering To The Saints
Now Unto Him World Without End Amen
A Short Exhortation Concerning Spiritual Nourishment
Take a Crown or Take Your Cross
The Authoritative Foundation
The Bowl and the Towel
The Time When God Slept
Thomas The Christian – We Can All Relate
Trading A Promise for a Pot


Psalm 84. Part 1 – The Believer Pining for Worship
Psalm 84. Part 2 – The Believers Pilgrimage of Worship
Psalm 84. Part 3 – The Believers Privilege in Worship


Sermons include scripture reading.

Part 1. Winepress to Warrior
Part 2. Gideon’s Sign of Peace
Part 3. General Gideon – Operation Baal Destruction
Part 4. The Imperfect Deliverer
Part 5. Gideons Army Under God’s Control
Part 6. The Dream To Come True
Part 7. Momentum Threatened and Hindered
Part 8. The Flame in the Vessel
Part 9. Gideons Mission Finally Executed
Part 10. Gideon Can’t Serve God and Mammon
Part 11. Gideon’s Good Name