Sermons 2018

Thank you for your interest in hearing the Word of God expounded. May God bless your soul and enrich you in every way as you meditate upon His word.

The Gift and Confirmation of Christ
The Summit on The Mount
The Unpreventable Sign
Your Time Is Always Ready – John 7
Stranger Danger and The True Shepherd
The Bespoke Disciples


Part 1.Elijah the Instant and Formidable
Part 2. Elijah the Constant and Dependable
Part 3. Elijah the Typical
Part 4. Elijah Ready for Confrontation
Part 5. The Odds in Baals Favour
Part 6. Baals Bad Audition
Part 7. The Blazing Entrance of The LORD upon Carmel
Part 8. Elijah’s Crisis in the Wilderness
Part 9. Elijah’s Crisis Pilgrimage
Part 10. Wearing the Mantle and Burning the Yoke, Elisha is Called
Part 11. Enter Elijah’s Brethren PT1
Part 12. Enter Elijah’s Brethren PT2